Roller Racking

When space is at a premium, there is no better way to make the most of your limited space than to choose Roller Racking for your storage needs. Roller racking is the ideal way to optimise your available space and can be configured to require as little as half the space as a traditional, static shelving set up. This has made roller racking extremely popular for warehouses, stock rooms, parts stores, and retail storage spaces. The images below demonstrate how roller racking can double your potential storage capacity.

Figure 1: Static
Area used: 6.4m x 4.0m
Storage capacity = 192m

Figure 2: Mobile
Area used: 3.2m x 4.0m
Storage capacity = 192m
This option uses half the space but provides the
same capacity as the static option (Fig. 1).

Figure 3: Double mobile
Area used: 6.4m x 4.0m
Storage capacity = 384m
This option uses the same amount of space but
provides twice the capacity as the static option (Fig. 1)

Mobile Bases

The modular design of our roller racking systems enables quick and easy installation. Additions and alterations are also easy to make as your storage needs develop over time. Because our roller racking is designed to sit directly on a given floor surface without the need for fixing, it can be relocated without causing damage to the floor. This also reduces the need for excessive site preparation in advance of assembly.

Each moveable roller racking bay takes minimal effort to operate and requires no special training to use. This means that our roller racking can even be operated and accessed by the general public. The hand wheels are ergonomically designed and mechanically assisted to enable easy movement. Safety considerations are paramount, with each hand wheel featuring a locking mechanism to ensure bays can be locked in place when shelving is being accessed.