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New warehouse racking, Sterling Industrial Estate, Dagenham

Established in 2000, Collectif Clothing is a specialist retailer of vintage clothing combining the latest fashion trends with classic vintage styles from the 40s and 50s.

As a result of recent growth, Collectif Clothing moved to new warehouse premises at Sterling Industrial Estate in Dagenham. In order to support its growth, the company needed to design and fit an efficient storage solution as well as a pack and despatch area. It requested a site visit from a Rotadex Systems consultant who designed a layout and recommended a product solution to meet the specific customer requirements.

Collectif selected Rax1 Galvanised Heavy Duty hand-loaded shelving and workbenches. Rax 1 shelving has been designed as a safe and robust means of providing heavy duty hand-loaded storage. It’s galvanised anti-corrosion material makes it ideal for warehouse use. Rax 1 is manufactured in Rotadex's 50,000 sq ft manufacturing facility which is equipped with the latest steel conversion equipment. Rax 1 is made in Britain from British steel, and comes with a 10 year structural guarantee.

Rotadex designed the layout, manufactured and installed all the shelving and workbenches to order. The new warehouse now comprises 73 bays of Rax 1 (H3000mm x W2100mm x D1200mm) and 14 Workbenches (H929mm x W1500mm x D900mm) providing the storage and packing capacity to meet the demands of the growing business.


Rax 1 steel shelving for Derwent London

Derwent London owns and manages an investment portfolio of 5.4 million ft² of high-quality office premises of which 99% is located in central London, with a specific focus on the West End and the areas bordering the City of London, with the latter principally in the Tech Belt.

In March 2020 Rotadex was contacted by the Head of Property Marketing in relation to converting a large basement area at their Farringdon Road offices to accommodate large stocks of boardroom and office furniture that they wished to keep clean, safe from damage and easily accessible. We carried out a dimension survey of the basement space and agreed the storage heights to be worked to in relation to overhead services and the weight of the items to be stored.

Initially, the requirement was for the central space to be kept free with new racking positioned around the perimeter of the area. Our Rax 1 product was selected as the most durable option, with RAL9003 Signal White chosen as the shelving colour to stay in keeping with the high-quality finish of the area being created. 23 bays of Rax 1 were supplied during the first phase, all bays being 1200mm deep from front-to-back, 1500mm, 1800mm and 2400mm wide and 2000mm high. All bays were equipped with 3 levels of heavy-duty steel beams and solid steel shelves. Each beam and shelf set being able to accommodate a load of 500kg.

Following the installation and loading of phase one, Derwent was able to load the units with spare items from across its property portfolio, with an additional 18 large format Rax 1 bays of identical specification to phase one installed through the central area of the basement space in September 2021.


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