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Platfile Premium Rotary Storage

Platfile premiumPlatfile Premium is the non-modular system supplied with a single column and heavy duty support bearings to allow users the option for using up to 5 levels for A4 111F medical files, lever arch files and ringbinder, and up to 8 levels for FP5/6 Lloyd George wallet. Ideal for heavier use where multiple users need to access files or where corner spaces are unused.

Platfile Premium is specifically designed for the filing of A4 medical recors and lever arch files. Premium units can store a maximum of 5 levels of A4 lever arch or medical files and the can also accommodate foolscap folders up to 4 levels. The bearings used on the Premium unit allow almost effortless rotation of the tiers for quick access to files.

How to Order




Step 1



Step 2


For each Platfile Premium unit you will need to order the stem and castor base elements:

Stem Cap


Heavy Duty Stem (centre column)

5-star aluminum base

Carousel castors
(set of 5)


Choose type and number of tiers. Order the relevant components. With Platfile Premium you can order a medical records tier with 8 dividers to accommodate A4 media storage and ringbinders or a 4 divider tier for lever arch file storage.



For each tier ordered you will need:
Needle bearing (1 per tier)
Support collar (1 per tier)

T008       For storing lever arch files choose:
4 tier divider

For storing 111F A4 medical files and Lloyd George wallets and ringbinders choose:
8 tier divider


Fibreboard inserts are used wiuth T009 to aid Lloyd George wallet storage (packed in 8)


Example Order

To purchase a 5 tier unit suitable for medical records you would need to order:
1 x T017 Heavy duty stem
1 x T005 5-star aluminium base
1 x T004 Carousel castors
1 x T018 Step Cap
5 x T009 8 divider tier
5 x T001 Needle bearings (1 per tier)
5 x T014 Support collar (1 peir tier)